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Federal government to pour $1.2bn into creating new apprentices, trainees
The Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements wage subsidy program will be extended for 12 months for new apprentices and trainees who are signed up before September 30. The extra cash injection is expected to create about 70,000 apprenticeships and...

Kylie Moore-Gilbert tried singing, meditation and yoga to survive over two years in Iranian prison
Melissa Doyle says "nothing was off limits" in the exclusive Sky News interview with Kylie Moore-Gilbert, the Australian academic convicted and imprisoned in Iran for spying.

Desperate search for two-year-old girl who went missing after playing with dogs on Tara property
The girl's mother, Sky Gulliver, has been pleading for help on social media, telling ABC News the family were devastated to know their baby girl was missing. "We would really like for her to...

Venomous Snake Found in Asthma Inhaler Gives Teen 'Surprise of Her Life'
Experts from a relocation company called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said in a Facebook post on Monday that staff responded to a residence in Bli Bli, a rural town in the coastal Queensland region, after a girl encountered a red-bellied black snake.

Local Parks - Wynnum West

Ropley Road
Ropley Road, off Wynnum Road opp Wynnum Plaza

Playground Shelter Toilets Water BBQ Areas Mini Court Basketball Off Road Parking Hand Ball Wall
Ropley Park Flying Fox - Wynnum West
Ropley Park - Wynnum West
Primrose Park
Wynnum and Sibley Roads
UBD REF# 143 B-19
Playground Shelter Toilets Water BBQ Areas Half Court Basketball Off Road Parking Hand Ball Wall
Primrose Park - Wynnum West

Primrose Park

Edward Kelk Park
Cnr Sibley Road and Kianawah Road
UBD REF# 163 A-9
Edward John Kelk was a pioneer settler in the Lindum and Hemmant Districts. In the early 1860's, 3 brothers William, Henry and Edward Kelk came to settle in the district from Lincolnshire, England and brought land not far from the present day Hemmant. The Kelks called their property Lindum-mere. The name of their home in Lincoln. Lindum is the Latin name from Lincoln.

William and Henry left the district, but Edward build a fine home on the 200 acre/81 hectare property not far from the site of todays Pleasantville. The entrance was near Lindum Railway Station and a Driveway led from the fancy gates up a hill to the house running along the line of the present Rodney Street.

Edward owned and operated a sugar cane plantation and a sugar mill on this Lindum property through which the Cleveland railway now runs. He was a pioneer-settler who was acknowledged as a highly respected citizen. He is remembered not only for his compassionate commitment to the early community, Lindum and Hemmant, but for his compassionate treatment of the local aboriginals who were employed to work on the cane plantations of those days and his implementation of projects to set them up in a local fishing industry by supplying them with boats, gear and supervision.

Edward Kelk Park

Edward Kelk Park - Wynnum