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That's no way to treat our cancer kids, parents tell Women's and Children's Hospital
Children with cancer are being cared for in an overflow ward at the Women's and Children's Hospital by nurses who lack specialist training, worried parents say. Thirty-three parents have put their names to a letter to Health Minister Stephen Wade and Premier...

Great Aussie stand-off between koala and kangaroo at North Stradbroke Island
In possibly one of the most Australians scene ever, a kangaroo and a koala have been filmed in a tense stand-off in Queensland. The video posted by 7NEWS, shows a kangaroo chasing a koala as it crawls on the ground and then appearing to pounce.

The zoo's white lions, Jake and Mischka, turn 13
The National Zoo and Aquarium's two white lions turned 13 on Friday (23 October) and were lucky enough to celebrate with a box of roar meat instead of the usual birthday cake. Teenage siblings Jake and Mischka first called the zoo home in 2008, arriving...

Luxury watch probe to investigate expenses 'culture' at Australia Post
A snap inquiry into Australia Post's decision to splash $19,950 on luxury watches for senior management will investigate whether it was an isolated incident or symptomatic of a broader culture of gift-giving within the organisation. Sidelined chief executive...

Council's 2015 Budget

The Brisbane City Council 2015 Budget was brought down on Wednesday, 17 June 2015. The Budget decides how ratepayers money will be spent in the 2015-16 financial year. The Wynnum Manly Ward has received the following funded projects.

Road Resurfacing and new Kerb and Channel.

It is cheaper for Council to provide new road resurfacing and new kerb and channel at the same time. If the kerb and channel is in poor condition funding is provided for both jobs. So in alphabetical order funds have been provided to the following projects.

Street/Road Resurfacing and Kerb and Channel:-

Allen Street, Manly Resurfacing - $72 000 

Banoon Drive, Wynnum Resurfacing - $156 000;  Kerb & Channel $169 000

Esplanade, Lota Kerb and Channelling - $102 000

Gordon Parade, Manly Kerb and Channel - $238 000

Hillcrest Avenue, Wynnum Resurfacing - $104 000; Kerb & Channel- $82 000

Irene Street, Wynnum Resurfacing - $72 000: Kerb & Channel - $94 000

Ingleston Street, Wynnum West Resurfacing - $117 000

Malabar Street, Wynnum West Resurfacing - $107 000;   Kerb & Channel - $112 000 

Mountjoy Terrace Wynnum Resurfacing - $929 000;  Kerb & Channel - $112 000 

Nirimba Street, Manly West Resurfacing - $28 000 

School Lane, Manly Kerb and Channel - $76 000 

Tingal Road, Wynnum Resurfacing - $426 000 

Upper Esplanade, Manly Resurfacing- $168 000; Kerb & Channel - $81 000. 

Wynnum North Road, Wynnum Resurfacing - $434 000 

Wynnum Road, Wynnum Resurfacing - $1 250 000

George Clayton Park, Manly $157 000

Wynnum Wading Pool          $12 000

Wynnum Esplanade              $54 000

Fishing Platform Davenport Drive, Manly         $174 000

This is for a fishing platform first promised by Campbell Newman about a decade ago. Better late than never!


Under the Waterways Vegetation Management Program $11 000 has been allocated to Wynnum Creek near Tingal Road.


Gully Reconstruction has been allocated $48 000

Bikeway Links have been allocated $178 000


40kmh School Zones for 4 lane roads have been allocated to two local schools -

Moreton Bay College              $30 000

Wynnum West State School $32 000