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We say we want climate action, but we still won't vote for it
What now, after two scorching weeks that have set the nation ablaze and delivered warnings of catastrophe so regular they have begun to seem monotonous? Could it be a turning point in Australia's political logic on climate change; the episode that turned...

Leaving the tap open in Sydney, crime declared, Malaysia will send back 3000 tons of plastic waste
Comprehensive water restrictions were announced on Tuesday in Australia's city of Sydney for the first time after environmental protection and a record-breaking drought. It will be a crime to leave the tap open now under the new rule. The New South Wales...

Sacred aboriginal artefacts held in Manchester given back to Australia in UK first
Sacred aboriginal artefacts held by Manchester Museum have been given back to a delegation of indigenous Australians in the first cultural handover ceremony of its kind. The museum, part of The University of Manchester, has been in possession of more...

Wynnum Central Beach Volleyball

Season Open Saturday 29 June and runs to Sunday 11 August.
Competition Day - CHANGE OF DATE Now on Sunday 11 August.

120 tonnes of quality beach sand has been delivered and the courts are ready.
It is a 6 week free activity for the community.  Just drop in and have a go!
For all details and bookings go to - www.wynnumbeachvolleyball.com

On Sunday 11 August is competition day.  4 players, complete and have a fun day out with your family and friends.  Cost $45 for team of 4 or $24 for team of 2 which includes a T-shirt.