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Mangrove Board Walk - Main

Mangrove Boardwalks - Wynnum North and Lota

The Mangroves that grow in various areas along the Wynnum Manly and Lota foreshore provide a number of very significant functions for the marine environment. One vital function is the protection of our coastlines from erosion. As well as protecting the stability of our coastlines, the hardy nature of the Mangrove plant protects other plants close to the shoreline from the salt water and sea winds. The Mangroves also protect fish, prawns and other organisms from the threat of the deeper waters. The Queensland government has acknowledged the importance of Mangroves in regards to the marine environment, as the plant life is listed as protected under the Queensland Fisheries Act. As well as serving these invaluable functions the mangroves also provide an aesthetic forest of luscious greenery.

The development of the Mangrove boardwalks at both Wynnum and Lota demonstrates the recognition of the Mangroves value to the environment, as well as its natural beauty, by both the Wynnum Manly community, and the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service. Both boardwalks allow easy and dry access to view the constant flurry of marine life active in these areas and are regularly maintained by the Brisbane City Council.

The Wynnum Boardwalk covers a section of the large Mangrove forest that stretches from Wynnum Creek to Fisherman's island. Over 500 metres of pathway winds through small shrubs and plants which later give way to tall gnarled trees, leaning and stretching over integrated pathways.

Visitors can expect to see wildlife including fish and reptiles. An interest in birds will be rewarded as every summer thousands of migratory wading birds make their way to Moreton Bay from as far away as Siberia and Mongolia. Such birds include the Ruddy Turnstone and the Mongolian Dotterel. There are also many wading birds that can be seen all year round including Ibis, Spoonbills and Sandpipers. If you're an early riser the stirring of birdlife from the Mangrove canopy is an amazing sight.

While the Wynnum boardwalk opens up to views spanning Moreton Bay and other Islands, the Lota boardwalk creates a feeling of remoteness and serenity as you stand at the mouth of Lota creek, surrounded by natural walls of thick Mangroves. Although the atmosphere of the boardwalks varies slightly, both contain much of the same natural elements, and are amazing places to visit at any time of the day.

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