Upgrade to Kitchener Park Playground

Brisbane City Council will be upgrading the playground at Kitchener Park.

Parks offer several benefits to children, including physical activity, socialisation, cognitive development and emotional development. By providing opportunities for children to engage in physical activities, interact with others, explore, solve problems, be creative and develop emotional skills, parks can contribute to their overall health, well-being, and development. Spending time in nature can also have a calming effect on children and reduce stress and anxiety. Parks are important resources for children’s growth and learning.

The new playground will have a marine theme, with a large ship and nature play area. It will also feature a flying fox, fitness area, picnic area, an informal kick-about area, shade sail, fencing and a nature trail through garden beds and trees.

The works will commence late February and are due to be completed mid 2023. The playground will be closed while the upgrade is taking place.

Kitchener Park upgrade project – Wynnum | Brisbane City Council

Kitchener Park final design plan