About us

WynnumManly.com.au is a website that serves as an online community hub for the residents of the Wynnum-Manly area in Brisbane, Australia. The website provides information about local news, events, businesses, and community groups. It also serves as a directory for local services and amenities, including schools, medical clinics, parks, and beaches.

The website features articles on various topics of interest to the local community, such as local history, sports, and culture. It also offers a platform for local businesses to advertise and promote their products and services.

In addition to providing information about the local area, WynnumManly.com.au also offers a range of resources for residents, including a community noticeboard, job listings, and a business directory.

Overall, WynnumManly.com.au aims to bring the local community together and support the growth and development of the Wynnum-Manly area.

Our website is currently under re-development with a new platform.